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How to bake frozen pizza cones How to bake frozen pizza cones

Baking Pizza Cones

How to Bake the Perfect Cone

Defrost cones completely before filling.

Mix the rest of the fillings together and then fill the cone.

Use a heavy sauce (not too liquid) if possible.

When using vegetable ingredients, dice into small pieces.
You may also want to saute or grill your veggies first.

Sprinkle the top of cone with some shredded cheese for a nice golden look.

Bake for 3-7 minutes. Keep an eye on your cones!
Bake times vary depending on oven type and fillings.

Serve immediately and watch them disappear.

Chef’s Tip

If your filling includes cheese, start filling with a pinch of shredded cheese first; this will help result in a nice crispy bottom.