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Real-Dough Pizza Cones

Fill and bake the cones - and sell them as a fun fast-food twist on America’s Favorite Food Fill and bake the cones - and sell them as a fun fast-food twist on America’s Favorite Food

Selling Cones

With all the buzz about pizza cones, more and more food establishments are eager to provide their customers with this hot new product. With zero investment, you can do it, too!

What Type of Eatery Can Sell Pizza Cones?

Since pizza cones are both a fast food and a fun food, it’s a hot item in family-oriented restaurants, pizzerias, take-out shops and especially at highway rest areas, where travelers love to grab-and-go!

Here’s What You’ll Need to Sell Pizza Cones

Pizza cones baking in oven


Just about any oven can turn out a crisp, cheesy cone, and after a couple of tries, you’ll perfect your own baking method.
Bake pizza cones on a metal rack

Metal Rack

This small metal rack is designed to hold the cones upright while they bake. It’s available for purchase from PCI Frozen Foods along with your order.
Display pizza cones on a plexiglas stand

Display Stand

While not a necessity, this Plexiglass display stand showcases your specialty cones and quickly attracts customers. Stands may be purchased from PCI Frozen Foods.

Pizza Cone Wholesale Orders

You can order PCI’s frozen pizza cones from a number of distributors in the States. To find a distributor that services your locale, please contact PCI at (732) 707-9009 or via email at

We’ll set you up with everything you’ll need to get started, along with contact information for chef’s support - just in case.

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Pizza cones yield a generous markup of 300% or more.

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